Getting professional help to source or adjust images will be likely to result in a more impressive result.

Often, the time it takes to master the process out weights the cost of getting our assistance, however, for clients with in-house creativity, who wish to make many additions, the time invested may pay off. We are always on hand for the more complicated adjustments or to help our clients find a ready-made image.

Making a difference

Once the perfect image is found or photographed, some basic adjustments will make a major improvement.

  • Images can be re-sized to fit accompanying images or their surroundings. Their height and width determines their “aspect ratio”
  • Images can be cropped in order to show only part of an image. Cutting out the rest can often give the impression of a more interesting professionally shot image, without making the images subject unrecognisable.

A free program to carry out this process and other editing functions can be downloaded here. or search the Goggle search engine for free programs here. We cannot guarantee the functionality of these programs and they are downloaded at your own risk.

  • The background of a range of images within the same page can be removed and replaced to make the images match, however, skill is needed if their original backgrounds are made up of various colours.
Hitting the spot

Many of the more impressive images have been professionally manipulated. These effects include adding images other each other (super imposing), adding text into images, blurring areas and re-colouring portions of an image. Our graphic designers and image manipulators are at your service.

Time is money

Having great media or digital products, are important. Enabling visitors and customers to view and download them, quickly, is essential. Check download times with our ‘Internet Broadband Download Speeds Chart‘.

What to do next

If your site would benefit from our web and graphic services or our training will benefit you, please contact us