Adjusting photos for use online has moved from purely for business, to use on galleries and social media and back again. As these channels begin to form the backbone of marketing for many companies.

We offer:

On site – or elsewhere. In person or via the telephone and Skype.

This can be easy adjustments, such as cropping and resizing, or slightly more complicated effects for marketing adverts and banners. Using layers to add text messages and other images, for use in websites and social media sites.

These procedures are much easier than many can imagine, once instruction has been received and can often be completed by novices

Advanced changes, where the image is improved or contents are edited to remove or add features can be taught. Opening up the opportunity to save costs on improving a small or large businesses promotional efforts. Examples here.

Design creativity is an element many clients obtain naturally, allowing us to provide the skills to execute their vision. If not, our experienced and skillful graphic designers can consult on branding and promotional ideas, for clients to complete in-house.

Full graphic services are offered by our Sitges Barcelona Graphic Design Company here:

Printing in Sitges and Barcelona can also be suggested and supplied. To print the posters, leaflets, brochures, flyers, postcards, conference stands etc, created by clients or our team. This can be via printers in Sitges, Barcelona and low cost printing solutions online.