Training Seminars for Professionals in Sitges

Training Seminars for Professionals in Sitges General Characteristics: Weekend courses delivered in Sitges for professionals in reduced groups Topics related to communication strategies and capability improvement Delivery in technical/business English or Spanish, as scheduled Possibility of E-learning follow-up and coaching/mentoring Optional outdoor group activities to improve  →

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation Getting a website fit for search engines is not that hard. Once the knowledge is know, there is few skills. In fact all SEO Consultant can learn about their clients industry, but the real expertise and intelligence is often already  →

Online Sales Marketing

Online Sales Marketing Once your site is Search Engine Optimised, getting it to the top of search engines is about popularity and visibility. There are various techniques to get noticed and seen. Many simply take effort and tactics, rather than special skills. An  →
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