The Mediterranean ocean provides Sitges with a wealth of water activities. From water skiing, boating and wind sailing, to beach side sports such as surfing, kite sailing and kayaking. Whilst Sitges may not be a mecca for a single sport, the seasons still provide plenty of peak times when the wind is strong or the ocean warm.

And plenty of less dynamic conditions that allow a beginner good opportunities to learn or an advanced hobbyist lovely surroundings to enjoy their sport.

Whilst Scuba Diving opportunities are limited, Sitges still offers the attributes to learn and prepare for better known diving locations.

Getting a running start is often the key to enjoying a new activity, especially an energetic or skillful one.

We aim to provide access to a range of teachers and enthusiasts, for those wishing to get a feel for different water sports and those more serious about a specific type.

Contact us here with a clear description of your needs and we will do the rest