Getting a website fit for search engines is not that hard. Once the knowledge is know, there are few specialist skills. In fact all SEO Consultant can learn about their clients industry, but the real expertise and intelligence is often already in the clients mind. We can teach the main points quickly.

Content is often king and making a website attractive to search engines involve similar challenges to satisfying visitors.

Achieving the goals of good search engine placement and those of the website owners, differ in where to place content and it’s display.

We can consult a client on evaluating their surroundings, determining the best plan of action and tutor in the effort to implement those findings.

  • Evaluating own and competitors sites
  • Revealing competitors tactics and efforts
  • Affiliate link and popularity training
  • Targeting search engine traffic and direct visits

These work in tandem with our own Search Engine Optimisation services, to fill the holes that time or ability create. Ensuring a client can start and continue to save money were possible, without losing out on the business opportunities the web can offer.